Hello and Welcome to Simply Real Health: A fresh, simplified approach to healthy eating
with hip + relevant programming to make lifestyle changes that last.
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Why Choose Simply Real Health?

We Help You Create The Perfect Fit

With downloadable PDF programs and coaching via Skype and phone, you don’t have to live in the Seattle area to get healthier with Sarah. From pre-packaged programs to follow along on your own, to highly interactive + customized healthy lifestyle programs and coaching packages (and everything in between), we help you find your perfect fit with a personal phone call. Set one up here.

It's All About Real Food

Learn about food in an unbiased way- no supplements, product by-ins or marketing ploys to be found. Every program & service revolves around real, normal food and realistic methods and personal support to help incorporate better health into your life — for good! Plus, it works. Check out what our clients say about us and their new approach to a healthy lifestyle.

Hip, Relevant + Realistic

Sarah’s approach is easy to understand and practical for people with busy and full lives. What good is a healthy lifestyle if you never have time to make it happen perfectly? We address real life situations– eating out, intense work schedules, social events + parties; and help you navigate through them so that you can fully participate in your life and feel great while doing so.

Long Lasting Changes

Everyone wants to feel better, more energized and happier in their daily life. We do it in a way that actually changes your lifestyle overall and brain-thought process, instead of bouncing continuously from diet to diet and getting more frustrated when you can’t keep it up over time. There’s a better way– a more sane, happy and healthy way to accomplish your goals– we promise. Get started here.