Simply Real Health is a company on a mission to teach people how to live a healthy life, made simple.

Why Simply Real Health?

We believe that healthy eating can be real, simple, beautiful + easy.

A lifestyle that you love.

And one that lets you live more fully and freely than ever before.

Without being on a diet or program.

Here’s how.

We believe in:



as in

Real food [otherwise known as whole food, pure food, good food and foodie -food].

Real life navigation.

Real straight up in delivery and advice.



as in

Embracing uncomplicated food +

An uncluttered philosophy

So you can learn to truly eat healthy as a lifestyle, not a diet.

And keep it up over time.

Without overwhelm + confusion

So you can be more clear, tuned-in and at-ease, in all the other areas of your life.



as in

Food that looks as good as it tastes

And that makes you feel even better than it looks.

With more joy and appreciation and less negativity and guilt.



as in

In the same or less time than you’re spending on healthy eating now.

Adaptable to the flow of daily life, no matter what it entails.

Without rigid rules or perfectionism.

And less head space.

So you can focus on the things that are more important in life.

Learn how to eat + cook in real life, better.


What is the Fall Meal Plan? It’s a 4 week, step-by-step, daily plan of action so you can:

Feel better. Eat healthier. Get out of your recipe rut. Eat more seasonally. Save money. Be more efficient about cooking real food.

So you can feed the people you love the most with confidence and simplicity. Yourself included.

To actually practice the art of healthy eating in a hands-on, guided, and step-by-step way.

To learn to cook under 3 hours a week. To eat amazing tasting foodie-food. That also happens to be good for you.

And easy. Sign up now and start any Monday you’d like.

Also, be sure to check out our Family Meal Plan!

[The Simply Real Health Cookbook]

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