Cucumber + Hummus Boats: The Perfect Snack

Cucumber-Hummus Boats from The Simply Real Health Cookbook via @simplyrealhealth

If you’re a fan of fast + good,

{Ok, who isn’t?}

I’ve got a great one for you today.

Introducing the cucumber boat. The newest addition to the Simply Real Health Food Files.

A little bit crunchy, creamy, (sea) salty and filling,

AKA, the perfect snack.

The fact that’s it’s good for you is just a bonus.

And while I’m not a big advocate of snacking in general, it’s good to have some real-food options that will actually fill you up when you’re hungry, instead of make you more hungry an hour later {as most snack type foods do}.

Why? Using scooped out cucumbers as the base of this little number gives you a great source of hydration (a common cause of energy depletion), and the beans in the hummus help give you a little real-food based protein boost (yet another common cause of energy dips throughout the day).

Once you’re done filling the insides with your goodies, cut in half and roll them back together for easy packing, or chop into bite sized pieces and throw over mixed greens in the morning and your lunch salad is done, with some olive oil and lemon juice if you’re feeling crazy.

Crazy good, that is. Because you will when you’re eating like this.

Cucumber Boats: The Perfect Snack

[naturally gluten + dairy free]


1 cucumber

2-3 tablespoons clean hummus [note: read the ingredient label. you should recognize ALL of the ingredients, and some brands I’ve seen come nowhere close to a real food]

4 baby tomatoes, sliced

Arugula (optional)

Other great add-ins to customize your snack boats: arugula, shredded carrots, kalamata olives, chopped celery, roasted red peppers, pine nuts. Mashed avocado would also make a great filling, as would babaganoush and other healthy spreads.

Directions: Peel cucumber and slice off the ends. With a spoon, scoop out the seeds and discard. Spread a bit of hummus inside, add your tomatoes and arugula (or other toppings). Sprinkle with pepper. Smile. You’re done. Healthy food in less than 2 minutes.

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photo by Jasmine Pulley

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  1. says

    I am going to try this recipe. Sitting at work all day it is so easy to grab a chip bag and start munching when you are hungry or just plain bored. I have been really good at eating healthy the past 5 months and it is showing in the waist line. I simply love this idea because it isnt chalked full of carbs and has many benefits of vitamins and minerals that the body needs. Thank you for this idea. I want to go to the store now and get the ingredients.

  2. Monique Bulette says

    Does this snack keep well in the fridge? Just thinking about work snacks I can make ahead of time!!


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