The Green Smoothie Recipe Collection

The Simply Real Health Green Smoothie Recipe Guide + Collection. Over 30 different healthy recipes to try! via

Ooo weeee. It’s here!

Why do (I think) you need this in your cute little hands?

Well, with it, you will be able to have magical powers.

Or, at least be able to do all of these things with happy ease + inspiration:

1. Start your day with something that powers you up, instead of weighing you down. So you can dominate your life and feel awesome. And energized. Daily. In less than 5 minutes a day. All before 9am.

2. Understand why green smoothies are so good for every function in your body.

3. Learn how to make AMAZING tasting green smoothies every single time. Plus learn pro tricks, tips + helpful tools!

4. Stop your green smoothie boredom. Now. No more excuses! Here are 27 brand news ones to try and love, so you can switch them up daily, weekly or seasonally with the quick flip of a page!

5. Bump up your current routine, no matter where you are at with your healthy eating game. Recipes are broken down into 3 different categories: Beginner (kids included), Intermediate + Advanced, with ideas on how to progress forward in each category. Everyone wins.

6. Get a free printable green smoothie re-stocking list for the grocery store! Never be without the staples for one, even if you have nothing else in your kitchen. Green smoothies make perfect lunches and lighter dinners too, especially if you are busy.

7. Learn the “art” of green smoothie making, so you can easily create your own recipes and twists on these originals as you get more comfortable. This means endless possibilities. And endless feel-good potential.

and it’s only $9.95 (with tax included)!

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After you purchase, your printable recipes + guide will be delivered to your inbox within 24 hours.

Happy and healthy blending to you!

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