Are “Natural” Beauty + Household Products Worth It?

Oh yes, lots of goodies today.

First. The start of a brand new Q + A video blog series. You ask. I’ll tell.

Anything having to living a healthy daily lifestyle that is.

Like what deodorant I wear?


I mean. Anything to help the greater good.

[my shame left long ago when I started this blog].

So, whether it’s about certain products, philosophies, daily or frequent challenges you come across, situations, seasonal questions, you name it. What are you curious about, needing a solution for, or confused about from a real food and realistic healthy lifestyle perspective?

Because you all know that I (100%) believe that eating real, whole food as a permanent lifestyle is way less complicated and a more beautiful, expansive and inspired to live, I want to share the specifics on what that exactly means. The real life stuff. The practical. The weird. And the funny. To show you that living a real food life is more than do-able. It’s easy. Across all contexts.

So, let’s hear it my healthy darlings. Tell your friends. Submit a question now through the website, email [], on Facebook or via Twitter. And then tune in for some real life knowledge bombs, in video form. Right here. In your favorite comfy chair.

Let’s get this party started. Today, we’re kicking it all off with a fascinating one. It is:

Q: “What’s the deal with “natural” beauty + household products? Are they worth it?”

A: Well. Don’t just sit there. Watch it now!

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Sarah’s Favorite Products

*Just so you know, I am not being paid to promote any of these brands, they are just my own personal favorites and the ones I use most often. I’ve spend a lot of time and money trying different ones, and I’m only sharing in hopes that I can save you some of both :) I added links so you can see the pictures of each product, as well as some easy places to find them.

Things to be aware of:

1. Fragrance- get unscented or fragrance free whenever possible, with the fragrance coming from natural entities.

2. The listed ingredients, not just if it says “natural” on the front [just like you do with your food, always. Right?]

3. Parabens + phalates. Why? These chemicals are hormone disrupters and can impact your internal body in a very negative way (cancer and fertility are the biggest issues). While you can’t avoid these completely in daily life, I think exposing yourself to fewer of these over time is a very great, preventive idea. And if it’s easy enough to do, why not?

Favorite Products Listed In This Video:

Burt’s Bees “Gud” Conditioner [their shampoo + body wash are great too] [most drugstores, Target, Amazon]

Yes To Cucumbers Gentle Gel Face Cleanser [most drugstores, Target, Amazon]

Everyday Coconut Body Wash [Whole Foods, PCC Natural Markets, Amazon]

Tom’s of Maine Long Lasting Deodorant [aluminum-free, fragrance-free] [most drugstores, Target, Amazon, Whole Foods, PCC, natural food stores]

Acure Radical Wrinkle Complex Lotion [PCC, Whole Foods, natural food stores, Metropolitan Market, Amazon]

Acure Cell Stimulating Facial Mask [PCC, Whole Foods, natural food stores, Metropolitan Market, Amazon]

Other Favorites:

Organic unrefined coconut oil [yes, the same kind I recommend in your kitchen. Rub between your hands to melt before you rub on your skin] [Whole Foods, PCC, natural food stores, Costco, Trader Joe’s, Amazon]

Organic jojoba oil [for cleansing, moisturizing + natural makeup removal] [Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, PCC, natural food stores, Amazon]

Aveeno Natural Dry Shampoo [most drugstores, Target, Amazon. This is a halfsie.. not totally natural but not as bad, chemically as most in their category. But.. life changing.]

Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap [Whole Foods, PCC, natural food stores, REI, sporting good stores, Trader Joe’s, Amazon]

Bare Minerals Makeup Line [Nordstrom, Sephora]

Burt’s Bees, Badger + Wild Carrot Brand lip balms [Whole Foods, PCC, natural food stores, some drugstores]

Alba Bontanica Sunscreen [Hawaiian SPF 30 or Fragrance Free version SPF 45 or 30] [natural food stores, some drugstores, Amazon]

Tom’s of Maine Peppermint Toothpaste [flouride-free] [most drugstores, most grocery stores, Amazon]

Clarisonic Mia Exfoliation Brush [at Sephora, Nordstrom or Amazon]

Seventh Generation Dishwash + Laundry + Household Cleaning Products [Whole Foods, PCC, natural food stores, Target, Amazon]

365 Whole Foods Brand Dishwash, Laundry + Household Cleaning Products [Whole Foods]

Planet Laundry Detergent [PCC, Amazon]

Good old fashioned vinegar, diluted with water [1:4 ratio] as a natural household cleaner for almost anything. So cheap too, and doesn’t smell vinegary once diluted.

Other Resources:

Environmental Working Group: Excellent consumer reports and outside testing on many household products. A great tool to look up specific brands you are curious about.

Environmental Working Group, Skin Deep: A great cosmetic resource database.

Wanted. New Healthy Loves:

I’m still on the lookout for more natural versions of these things. Does anyone have some good suggestions to try, for these or any other category? Let me know in the comments below!

Natural nail polish + remover



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  1. says

    Love this, thanks Sarah!

    I have a few Zoya nail colors from Whole Foods that work pretty will. BUT, admittedly I still use my OPI topcoat so I can’t totally vouch for their quality. :-/

  2. Jackie Swanson says

    Any good Seahawks food ideas? I’m gonna make your margarita with the lime & some blueberries floating in… Guacamole w/blue corn chips… Kiwi & blueberry fruit salad… Any other healthy blue & green ideas?
    Thanks! Hope all’s going well! Jackie

  3. Susie Roberts says

    Sarah….there is a company called H2O that has natural products for your home and I believe it started in France. I went to a showing recently and it’s very impressive and in line with your philosophy. Let me know if you want information!

  4. Keira says

    Hey Sarah,
    Love the video and bringing the topic to the forefront. Now I even have the kids reading labels:) As a dermatologist using “natural” products, or as close as you can get to them is really important to me. I have started making my own including deodorant, moisturizer and lip balm it’s been fun. I know not everyone has the time or interest in doing this, but there are some good products out there. Whole/real foods can benefit the body and skin. Happy to share more if you are interested.
    Best, Keira

  5. says

    Hey Sarah,
    Love the video and so glad you are bringing this topic to the forefront. Now, I even have the kids reading all of the labels! As a dermatologist using “natural” products or as close as you can get to them is really important to me. I have started making my own including deodorant, lip balm and moisturizer including some with sun protection. I know not everyone has the time or interest in doing this, but there are some good products out there. As you already know whole/real foods can benefit you inside and out and can have a direct impact on your skin. Happy to share more if you are interested.

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