My 5 Favorite Healthy Kitchen Tools on Amazon

5 Best Healthy Kitchen Tools from SImply Real HealthKitchen tools are a funny thing.

People who have tons of them are usually:

1. People that don’t really like to cook. But tell themselves that if they only had [blank] appliance, they could make the job so much faster, it would be more exciting, so they would do it more. Or, they packed their wedding registry full of trinkets because they heard they were supposed to. Kitchen tool pack rats. With good intentions.

2. People do actually like to cook, but end up doing most of the tasks by hand because it’s easier than rummaging around, kneeling and reaching into the depths of their kitchen cabinet, washing off the dust, and then getting ready to use it.

The single serve blenders, avocado pitters, ice cream makers and kitchen-aid mixers that sit on the counter.

I’m telling you this, because I am not one of those people.

I hate kitchen clutter. Simple, easy, clean, double duty and efficient?

That’s my jam.

My requirements for great kitchen tools goes a little like this:

– They can get almost daily use

– They can fit into a silverware drawer for easy storage

– They make healthy food prep even easier, prettier or more creative than I could do on my own

– Relatively inexpensive [I know, except the last 2 bonus ones I listed], under $30 is my goal

So, today, my top 5 best and favorite kitchen buys ever. All available on Amazon.

Vegetable Spiralizer:

– Make your favorite pasta dish, but get more veggies in by using them instead of noodles. Zucchini, beets + carrots all work great with this simple spiralizer. A healthy kid pick too!
– Add your favorite sauce or toppings [see my latest favorite here: zucchini noodles, olive oil, goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, basil + goat cheese]

Whirley Pop:

– Make movie-theater amazing organic popcorn with extra-virgin coconut oil + sea salt. Trust me. The best popcorn ever. And 100 % real food.

Glass Juicer:

– Had enough pain squeezing those slippery or stubborn lemons, limes or oranges? This beauty will do it all with ease and gets so much more juice out that your palms ever will. A must for homemade cocktails and flavored waters!


Mandoline Slicer:

– I think having different textures are so important to have with your vegetables. I love LOVE this mandoline slicer that thinly slices beets, potatoes, carrots, celery, sweet potatoes, etc for crunchy lettuce-free salads, beautiful looking green salad toppings, sides and homemade chips. Switch up the gradient for thinner or thicker slices, depending on your preference.
– See my recipe for sweet potato chips here.


Wusthof Pairing Knife:

– In my sweet opinion, knife block sets are some of the biggest waste of money in the kitchen department. Being 100% honest, I only use 2 knives 98% of the time in my kitchen… 2 matching Wusthof paring knives. A sharp knife that makes cutting produce easy and enjoyable is the # 1 tip I tell all of my clients as they start. Nothing is worse than a dull knife that makes chopping a chore!
-Make sure you always wash your knives by hand to preserve their sharp edges over time.


BPA Free Glass Storage Containers:

– Plastic tupperware is so 90’s. Upgrade your storage containers to BPA-free glass varieties and be amazed at how much more appealing your food will look.
-Perfect for make-ahead dishes and lunches from home- these guys never leak or leave funky smells behind.


Vitamix Blender:

– The most favorite and most used appliance in my kitchen. Yes, they are expensive but can save you so much time and do so many duties. Goodbye hand blender, cookie batter blenders, regular blenders, hand choppers and food processors. A cinch to clean too, and perfect for green smoothies, sauces, soups, whipping eggs, chopping onions, etc. A total healthy kitchen workhorse.

Ninja Blender:

– With similar technology as the Vitamix, but a fraction of the cost, the Ninja is the best way to test out a more powerful blender until you’ve convinced yourself you’ll really use it all the time!

Now, who else has some great favorites to share that truly make your life and cooking easier on a daily level? Please share them below!

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  1. Kim Gorsline says

    I don’t know if this is a tool I use on a daily basis but I love my garlic press. I hate chopping garlic because it’s so small.

  2. Kerri says

    I am in the market for a new blender/food processor and I have been looking at the vitamin. How do the ninja and vitamin compare? I assume I’ll use my blender a lot for green smoothies – if i’m already convinced that a blender is a good investment, is the vitamix a better value?

  3. Susan Thornes says

    I have the Ninja that came with the individual smoothie attachment and it is very convenient for me…the blender works well and is much less expensive than the Viitamix. Also, You’re so right about the ‘2 knives”…
    Great post, Thanks!

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