Cookbook Production: It’s Go Time

This, was 1 of 4 counters in my kitchen yesterday:

Lunch // Salad via Simply Real Health

And with it, I’ve got some exciting news to share.

Cookbook production has started!!

And, with it, I may officially be the craziest person you may know.

[Just for the record].

Because here’s how it’s going to go:

I have 145 recipes [only the best of the best and my very most favorite, of the 350 I picked from].

12 weeks to get the photography done.

Meaning, making 12 meals a week, every week. For the rest of the summer. In one night.

Then, spending the entire next day shooting, plating and styling with my darling photographer friend Jasmine.

Just saying it out loud so I start to believe it.

Oh my god.

This will be one of the hardest things I’ve taken on yet with my business.

But, I’m so excited. I literally can’t sleep.

And most of all, can’t wait to get my food philos all up in as many of your kitchens as possible!

So that everyone who wants to can make better healthy food, in ways that are a lot more simple, delicious + beautiful looking, without all the extra fuss, long lists of ingredients and cook times. It’s time.

cookbook 3

And, I’ll definately need your help + luck + support + good vibes, my healthies. So feel free, anytime to shoot some love right over anytime this summer.

Of the recipe sneak peeks or exhausted messy-headed kitchen selfies to come. {Follow along on Instagram or Facebook here if you don’t already. I promise it will be worth it in entertainment alone.)

You know. Anything. I’ll probably need some reminders as to why this is a great idea in the first place. Especially when you Seattle people see me at the store with 2 carts to myself and my food stained apron still on.


If you’re in the Seattle area and want to physically help make a dish one week this summer, join my list of amazing people who have volunteered to help.

And, if you’re somewhere else and want to help recipe test in your own kitchen, join my community recipe tester list here.

It will be a team effort for sure.

Of the best kind.

Here we go!









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