Honeydew-Mint Green Smoothie

New Summer Green Smoothie! Honeydew-Mint Green Smoothie. So refreshing! // simply real health

A lil quickie today. Because it’s so good, so easy and so perfect right now for breakfast or a great mid-day snack. And it’s part of the new Summer Meal Plan. I mean, just in case you were on the fence.


Honeydew-Mint Green Smoothie

½ banana

1 handful chopped honeydew or cantaloupe (approx ¼ cup to 1/2 cup)

5 leaves fresh mint

5 leaves romaine lettuce or a few handfuls of spinach

½ cup coconut water

Blend all ingredients together with ice and water.

Other great additions or substitutions: coconut milk or avocado instead of banana, basil instead of mint, or peaches instead of honeydew.


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    I have already tried out couple of your recipes and I cannot get enough. This smoothie looks so fresh, ideal for warm summer days! I bet it would give me more energy than my morning coffee. In fact, I am going to give it a try tomorrow!

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