Sarah Adler is a nutrition coach, healthy lifestyle expert, food blogger, real food lover and owner of Simply Real Health—a healthy lifestyle company on a mission to educate, teach, and inspire others to live their happiest + healthiest life.

In 2012, Sarah created Simply Real Health with a serious mission to help more people live a healthy daily lifestyle. With good [read: beautiful-looking + delicious-tasting] food made simple enough for real life, so that they can feel better, have a happier relationship to food, and free up their life for the things that matter most.

Sarah’s philosophy to a better lifestyle is simple: first, to help people identify what healthy food actually is (by simplifying the hundreds of misconceptions and conflicting information out there), and second, to help them apply it to real life in a way that is both sustainable and more joyful in the long haul. Through her programs and services, Sarah teaches a more tangible, hip + modern approach to a healthy life. With chocolate. And happy hour. And all the fun parts of life included and celebrated, instead of ignored.

“Simply Real Health is next generation’s solution for a healthy life made simple, beautiful + inspiring.” – Gilt City

In every Simply Real Health program or service, Sarah’s end goal is the same: that your life and food will feel more free and flexible, and therefore more fun, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. That eating healthy food becomes your default state of living, instead of something you’re trying to (miserably) force yourself to do. That healthy food will actually become something that you love, because of the way it makes you feel.

That overall, you become more aware, mindful and in tune with your body and its signals, so that you can learn to trust it better, instead of relying on one-size-fits-all diet approaches. That your food becomes a higher value in your life, because you realize the direct connection it has to your daily energy, mood, productivity, sleep, relationships to others, and ability to handle life’s stressors better. And that the process is fun, inspiring and an overall beautiful way to live. So that you want to keep living it, day in and day out and that you’ll wonder why you wasted time thinking about your food in any other way.


With personal 1:1 mentoring packages, interactive hands on real-food education sessions, and downloadable seasonal meal plans, Simply Real Health offers a wide range of practical and truly helpful services for individuals, groups, offices and families, for every learning style and situation. Check out all the options here.

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