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The Seasonal Meal Plan is a 4 week long plan of attack for how to live a healthy real-food lifestyle in a practical, daily sense.

Go to the store 1x/week. Cook 3 hours [or less] per week. Eat amazing tasting food all week. That also happens to be healthy. And makes you feel your best. For 4 weeks in a row. While living your real life.

This is no diet plan. It’s a specific hands-on plan for how to shop, cook, eat and live a real-food lifestyle. Made simple. Hallelujah. It’s here.

All recipes easily adaptable for personal + most dietary preferences.

See the current meal plan’s full recipe list here!




  1. Sign up (like, here)
  2. I’ll ask you what Monday you’d like to start. You reply. Whatever Monday you choose, you will get the recipes, plan for the week and shopping list that Friday before so you have the weekend to shop + prep however you’d like.
  3. Every Friday for 4 weeks in a row you’ll get your new plan, recipes + shopping list. Take it at whatever pace you want.
  4. Included in the plan:
    • 4 weekly grocery shopping lists
    • 4 weeks of coordinated real-food recipes
    • 4 weeks of specific meal plan directions/action steps
    • Healthy Lifestyle Bonus Guides, including:
    • Real Food Basics
    • Sarah’s Green Smoothie Guide + Complete Recipe Collection
    • Other Healthy Breakfast Options List
    • Longterm Healthy Kitchen Staple, Pantry + Freezer List
    • Healthy Snack Guide
    • Healthy On The Go Guide: Restaurant Ordering, Cocktail Ordering + Traveling
    • Healthy Coffee + Tea Guide
    • Sarah’s Favorite Healthy Resources Guide: Cookbooks, Blogs, Appliances + More
  5. After 4 weeks you will have over 40 different healthy recipes in the bag- perfect for revisiting and putting your own twists on until the next season’s plan comes out.


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  • You make the same dinners over and over and want fresh, easy ideas to add to your nightly repertoire.
  • You learn best by following an example first
  • Aren’t sure how to put balanced meals together that don’t rely on grains, gluten, processed food, sugar or dairy (although those things are not off limits like a diet plan would be).
  • You want to test how you feel by eating real food for a month.
  • You want to stop eating out and start making healthier food at home
  • You want some freedom and flexibility to go out and make last minute plans as well.
  • You want to make shopping and cooking food fun again
  • You think you don’t have time to cook healthy food
  • You want to do something positive, healthy and bonding as a couple, family, or to learn how to efficiently cook for yourself.
  • You’d love to know how to stock your pantry, freezer + fridge so you always have something healthy on hand to eat- even if you don’t have time to go to the store.
  • Start reading more articles about healthy eating online. This review of Built Bars shows how beneficial protein supplementation can be. Definitely a great thing to know!



Q: I’m a vegetarian, or have a gluten or dairy sensitivity:

A: All recipes are written to include most people’s taste and preferences. All the recipes are naturally gluten free and dairy/egg optional. Most recipes are easily modified for vegetarian standards.

Q: : I will be traveling on and off or have nights that I know I won’t be eating at home. Would this still be beneficial for me?

A: Yes, the plan is pretty flexible in terms of the number of dishes and being able to pick them back up again in between your other plans. At the very least you will have 4 weeks of coordinated meals to keep and pick from all season so you waste less food, not more.

Q:Who are the Seasonal Meal Plans not good for?

A: Not great fits for the meal plans would be: vegans, families with very picky eaters, anyone who wants a deeper education on the “whys” behind real food, those that need more personalized accountability and support, or those that have a negative or more emotional relationship to food that they’d like to change. The meal plans do a great job of showing you what to do to feel better, but if you don’t address the root cause of some of your thoughts and behaviors, it won’t stick for good. See 1:1 Mentoring Options for this instead.