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Is this right for you? 
Here’s how to know:

If you want a quick fix, or short spurts of perfection and extremes (and long ones of guilt), this is not for you.

This program is the real deal. With results that last for the long haul and for the beautiful game of life.

I know, it seems like almost an impossible thing. How is that even possible? And especially in 6 weeks time?

And why would it be worlds different than every other diet, program, plan, routine you’ve done before?

Does it really change you, to the core?

All great questions, and ones that I would be asking myself, if I were you.

And the answer is yes. HUGELY. Widely. And humbly.

Because it pretty much boils down to one thing:

You actually and finally learn how to tune in to your own body (and what that even means!), instead of just following weird rules you’ve “heard” you should do to be healthier. And a specific plan of action and almost daily baby steps to take to get there.

And the why.

And the what. So you can learn to think on your own.

Because whether you like it or not, you will take yourself wherever you go. Which is why external solutions and strategies never actually work for a long term, rest-of-your-life, kind of a way.

Because life and food will always intersect. So instead of ignoring it, what about actually addressing it?

Actually learning how to read your body and be nicer to it- both physically, mentally, and emotionally.

It’s a game changer. And my most favorite work.

Now, in a group format with all the love and support and a full community of ladies on the road to their most fulfilling, happy and healthy lives.



Week 1: Real Food 101. Everything you need to know, and everything you can happily ignore when it comes to food, diets, the rules, and exactly what to look for. How to start living a real food lifestyle, made simple. The big kahuna, in other words. More about your brain and the psychology behind eating.

Week 2: Food specifics on dairy, grains, gluten, coffee, water, sugar, alcohol. What you need to know! How to meal plan, the best way to order out, and practical daily life tips. Real food in the real world. And what happens inside your body when you commit to it.

Week 3: How to actually tune in to your body for real, all about hunger, emotions and stress. Clutter foods and triggers (and what to do about them). Why this piece is always missing and why it makes the biggest difference in a long term healthy life. A personal day in the life run down on a daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal and yearly level of non negotiables.

Week 4: On gratitude, to be nourished on all levels, how to savor your food, how to infuse more joy into your life and why it matters to do so. On the feelings you crave the most in life, and what you are truly hungry for. How to find and live your life with more purpose and passion, and why food is where you have to start.

Week 5: On constant inspiration and growth. Meditation. Growing your spiritual practice and your connection to God and the whole universe. Being honest with your soul. What are you ignoring and stuffing down. What things hold you back from living the life you really want? How to see your patterns and change them, quickly and meaningfully.

Week 6: What happens when you mess up. How to get yourself back in the groove. Easy tips, tricks and ways to create a plan. What happens next, and where to go from here!



  • a lifetime membership in this program. Participate every single year, for free as content gets updated
  • weekly easy recipes and take-action challenges to keep you inspired and focused
  • recorded weekly podcast lectures to listen to on your own schedule
  • a group forum and community of loving, helpful women rooting for you too
  • totally optional but live weekly video calls with Sarah to chat, get extra encouragement and inspiration, ask questions and talk about real life situations and strategies around it
  • weekly homework assignments to help you take massive action and keep you accountable
  • extra bonuses and surprise goodies sprinkled throughout!
  • a LIFETIME membership to this program, any and everytime you want to sit through it again. 


  • welcome basket of all my favorite healthy things
  • pre-program checklist to get you all ready to go
  • personal access to Sarah for individual questions and help throughout the whole process


A one-on-one 6 week program is usually $2,000.

The Simply Real Life Program is $1,200. That’s $800 less than the cost of a normal 6 week program when you do it in a group. And it’s packed to the brim. Overflowing, even, with so many goodies.

Multiple payment plans are available!

Join the waitlist:

Email hello@simplyrealhealth.com

“Even after these first 3 weeks, I feel on the brink of a happiness and joy in life (without food and without the drama around food) and I have never, NEVER felt that before. I really think this is changing my life – completely. Thank you!”

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